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Recognize and Shape Sleep Patterns for Babies 2 Months

Baby's sleep needs can vary depending on age. Of course, the sleep pattern of a 2-month-old baby is different from a newborn baby or a bigger baby. Understanding the baby's sleep patterns is important to ensure that their sleep needs can be fulfilled, so that the process of optimal growth and development. Generally, babies aged 2 months need to sleep about 16 hours per day, with sleep time at night longer than during the day, which is about 9 hours. However, it is possible for Little One to wake up every few hours because of hunger and need to be breastfed. Various Ways to Establish Sleep Patterns of Babies 2 Months Babies will usually begin to have regular sleep patterns with a long duration without being disturbed when entering the age of 5-6 months. Even so, Mother can form a sleep pattern Little since he was 2 months old, in the following ways: 1. Enough time to take a nap Entering the age of 2 months, the baby's desire to communicate can increase, so he wants t
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Understanding the Various Causes of Cholestasis and its Treatment

Cholestasis is a condition where there is a disruption in the flow of bile, causing health problems. The disorder can occur due to lack of bile or there is a blockage in the bile duct. Cholestasis can cause several symptoms, such as jaundice, dark urine color, vaginal discharge such as putty, itching, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. This condition requires a medical examination from a doctor. Know the Causes of Cholestasis There are two causes of cholestasis, namely those from the liver (intrahepatic cholestasis), and those from outside the liver (extrahepatic cholestasis). Some of the causes of intrahepatic cholestasis are: Suffer from certain diseases Generally intrahepatic cholestasis is caused by liver disease, such as acute hepatitis, liver disease due to excessive alcohol consumption, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. Some genetic disorders and severe infections, such as liver abscesses and sepsis, can also cause cholestasis. Drug side effects The use of certain drugs

Tips for Safe Drinking Tea for Pregnant Women

Some pregnant women may have the habit of drinking tea, but sometimes doubt whether the tea is safe for pregnancy. So, is it actually safe to consume tea while pregnant? Besides containing a lot of antioxidants, tea is also often consumed to reduce the nausea experienced during pregnancy. Even so, it does not mean that tea can be drunk carelessly while pregnant. There are some important things related to the safety of drinking tea, which needs to be pregnant. Listen carefully! Things to Look for when Pregnant Women Drink Tea Tea is actually safe for pregnant women to consume. It's just, pregnant women need to be more careful. Like coffee, tea also contains caffeine which can increase the risk of pregnancy disorders if consumed too much. For example fetal weight that is too low, even miscarriage. To be safe to consume tea, there are several things that pregnant women need to pay attention to, namely: Treat tea in the right way If Bumil wants to consume drinks from tea l